today is her big day.. 3rd june. and 2moro is my turn. hoho..


owez so slim de lut june june..^^




me and june june wif the present given by ah gann see see.. ^^




 thx for the bday cake.. its yummy.. ^o^




present rom ah gan gan n ah see see.. green n the Da mouth are mine.. lolx. its cute!!! reli luv it.. ^^ thx!!!! ^^




lut nong wif the cute memo paint brush by me. its cute right??? hoho












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lut june june wanna shopping.. then she shun bian visit me.. yeah~

she bought a high heel shoe.. a nice shoe!!!! ^^ suit her.



took dis pic when i was walking from klcc to my working place in the early morning. nice shot! ^^




my working place- shopalot.


Me and lut june june.







DSC00041.JPG DSC00042.JPG DSC00044.JPG


ps: i tot i ard post it.. but now i realised dat i save it as draft instead of posting it out. swt..==




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today i bought a C905 phone.

at 1st i wanna buy W995 de..

but C905 de camera function is better than W995.

after thinking for a long long time.. baru deicde to choose C905..

bcoz i memang suka design W995..

bye bye my W995.




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sori to my dear dear fren.. for disappear for so many days.

and sadly, i cant even join lut nong nong's bday.. =.="

And dont have chance to chat wif u guys when u guys visit me@ shopalot there.feel so sorry.

btw thx for the bday cake.. its yummy!!!!! feel touching.. i tot it was doughnut.. haha.


23 april- 30 april.

i have been working for 8 days FULL SHIFT at lot 10 isetan there. from 9.30am to 9.30pm.

oni me jaga the counter at Ground floor since we are lack of workers coz there i few handbags fairs held at other places.

at 1st , feel quite lonely. but then got ppl to chat wif. either chinese or malay.


its so sien working at isetan . coz we nid to put our hands in front. muz greet wif the customer : good morning n etc.

there is a morning briefing at 9.45am everyday.

and here is the 7 phrases i learnt there:

1) good morning.

2) may i help you

3) pls wait for a moment

4) sorry to keep u waiting

5) do u have isetan member card

6) my name is xxx . from xxx counter

7) thx you. pls cum again.

=.= =.= =.=  =.=


luckily i oni work there for 8 days. if not i will die de.. lolx.

now i back to shopalot. noon shift. yeah. no nid to wake up so early. hehe..

saw a cute cute de philipine baby.. she is sooooo cute n fair !! reli.. i think she is the cute..est baby i have ever seen.. haha.

saw many diff types de customer and i ard get used to it.. haha..

maybe i got continue my dis job till end of june. most probably larr.. sumtime enjoy wif dis joy.. but sumtime get bored wif it when i nid to jaga the counter alone. haha








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since huai gu ard posted abt the pc fair outgoing in detailed.. so.. lazy xian is not going to post abt it agn. lolx.

But i will post 1 pic of 3 of us coz i got leong sam.. haha.





1 day b4 our hang out to klcc pc fair. i had a date wif aunty eon bank (yeoun ping) and lili.

we teman yp buy things. then makan at "you yi chun"(in canto). i prefer wong kok. (i m wong kok restaurant supporter especially pavilion dat one. XD).


lili n me.




aunty eon bank n me. peace. ^^



20 april 2010.

me n my ah ba went to his office punya de dewan to attend the majlis anugerah. yeah.

surprisingly, i met 1 junior of ARGS

de (Lew Huey Wern).. our name amost sounds the same. last time, we din talk or even say hi to each other de when we were in the same school. but dat day we did chat n even take pictures 2gether. luckily i din bring my lut cam cam. can tumpang her cam.

so, all the pics below are stolen from her fb. XD



The invitation card. can spot the police logo? wee~~ PDRM. (polis diraja malaysia).

yuan lai my ah ba is work for PDRM de. baru knew it ytd. =.="








the little crowd. haha.


this is my 1st time of attending my ah ba de majlis anugerah . my ah ba punya de is recently baru ada de. so this year i baru ada chance. haha.

It taken me by surprise that (hoho. i still rmd wat mrs margaret taught) the majlis ended so fast.

the duno who (paling tinggi de pangkat) gave a speech then the majlis penyampaian hadiah get started.

around 35 so called anak-anak cemerlang oni. requirement to get this anugerah for stpm is quite high which is 3.60. huhu~

fortunately , i can get it!! yeah! (oni 3 anak cemerlang for stpm)

2 are 3.83. 1 (me) is 3.75. n i m the last one to receive the "gift".



she is tall. huhu. she is sweet n pretty as well.. XD

she get 9As 1B in SPM. clever clever.. *claps




omg! my eyes!! wat happen??? lol.




huey wern n hui xian.




this nice.. ^^




our rewards. x sabar nak buka. hoho.




my name on the envelope on the gift. haha.



faster buka the gift in the car. haha.

its a FABER CASTEL colour set (got crayon n colour pencil n etc.).. like it.

feel like wanna use it now. haha. i wanna buy a colouring book!!!!


inside the wrapping paper oni got that faber castel. no money. huhu. quite disapointed!! T_T.

then my ah ba asked me how much . i said no money wor. he said got de.. c  the envelope got anot.

then i faster buka it. wow!! reli got money wor!!

i tot dun have money .. coz the ppl who gave the speech said "Diharap hadiah kita yang tidak berapa ini dapat memotivasikan anak-anak....".  <<<  the sentence misunderstand me mah.. haha.

u guys guess how much.

Its RM 300!! wow!! yeah!! hooray!! yippee~~

not yet belanja lut ying ying n lut june june ..


duno my mum's company give how much leh.. qi ^o^


ytd i went to a hair saloon for a hair cut. juz a little bit oni.

which juz potong sikit sikit rambut depan. n sikit sikit untuk belakang juga. haha. no much diff de. haha.

quite satisfied wif it. XD


to lut ying ying: i will start work at shopalot for 1 day (22 april).. cum visit me lar if can.. haha.







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huhu~~ will start my work on 23rd april. most probably at lot 10 4th floor.. less incum for dis month.. huhu~


Below is the pics of the surprise bday "party" give by my didi's fren.

(juz ignore the yssness of my house.. many books on the floor.. haha)!/album.php?aid=157616&id=744066126&ref=nf





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14 april is his day!

wish him happy birthday .. soh zai.. hoho..


ytd nite.. b4 12am. his 3 frens give him a big surprise. reli BIG .


here is the story.

ytd nite while my didi was ..

tiba-tiba, he heard a sound of 1 ppl panjat our house's pagar.

he tot is a thief..

then he open the window to have a look.


yuan lai is his fren, Derek trying to panjat our pagar n he did. (geng!)

then my didi open the door for the 2 gurls out there.(cherine n sharmayne)

then 3 of them hold the cake n sing him a birthday song loudly like nobody business.. haha.. (dat time i was in the room)


then they chat chat chat.. n take take take .. (pic i mean. lol)

they give my bro a MU jersey as a present. derek said he oni realised dat they buy wrong after bought it.. 

coz my didi support ARSENAL de.. but got support MU as well juz bcoz of rooney n duno who .. haha.

then they balik around 12.40pm coz they have class 2moro morning.


my didi said its a very BIG surprise for him.




haha.. soh zai is playing.. (he duno i upload his pic here. so shhh.. lolxx.)


later go out wif mimi n didi .. maybe watch movie.

miss the BEAUTY ON DUTY .. wanna buy original or pirated DVD to watch it agn.. haha..

reli very funny!! for those who haven watch it.. go watch it now.. haha..




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yeah! 从今天起,我将会休息 1 week (12/4 - 18/4). 因为现在人手很足够.. hehe.

约我约我... haha..


10/4-saturday@ jusco maluri.


有点 shocked 到突然看到他们.. haha.. 哥妹俩..

很多小孩跟他们合照.. 我也蛮想一下的.. BUT paiseh.. THEN 算了.. lolx..

ps:后面的 handbag 不是我公司的. 是别家的.



从后面偷拍他们.. 那哥哥的头好好笑.. lolx..




突然有一个工作人员给我哥妹俩的日历.. hehe..

我就叫 snowfly 的 part time (也就是上面那个) 帮我拿下..

她的样子很可爱.. hoho..


 12/4-sunday@ jusco maluri.

昨天真的很巧.. 讲起来你们都不信.. 真的不信... haha..

昨天当我在工作时, 分别巧遇 form 6 sej 班的2同学, LILI, PN Norhaya (pp 老师) and 我学校的静雯..

很神奇的是全部都是  pandan mewah de.. wow!!! omg!!

分别跟她们闲聊几句... haha.. then say bye bye~~


昨天看到一个很 leng zai 的 leng zai..

他的眼睛很有神.. 我怀疑他有戴 lens. haha..




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Watched "beauty on duty" wif my mum n didi at leisure mall..

this movie very nice leh!!! sangat funny!!! n fei oso..

nice nice nice!!!u guys muz watch it!! haha..




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working for SMART in maluri jusco from 29 mac till 11 april..

As i expected, working there very sien! so everyday i work from 10am till 6pm.. although the working hours seems so SHORT but is LONG  for me instead !!! huhu~~ 

summore we have to "bulatkan" our tied hair.. macam sgt sopan punya.. =.=" white top sumore. =.="""

if u guys got pass by there, muz cum in and visit me ya.. juz near the BLACK CANYON restaurant.. lolx..

but i will off on 4 and 5 april coz ching ming festival.. i minta these 2 daYS off few days ago..

But then my ah ba say 5 april no ching ming ler .. change to 4 april ler.. but my mom say we din go my ah ba's side lerr.. coz 4 april , we have to go to my mother's side de..

dun wan tell me boss dat i will free on 5 april.. haha.. dats mean i m free on 5 april~~~ yeah..


btw the yue guang bao he reli very fei lor.. zadao tim~~~ ge and jing tang.jpg they look a little bit alike? ying ying think oni the eyes look alike..

the lut huai gu tot he is him at 1st.. lolx.

dat is my didi's fren lai de.. got went yam cha wif him b4.. i think he is the most leng zai one among my didi's gang.. lolx.. but i m not interested at him.. don get misunderstand.lolxx

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