hihi~~ i started working for 5 days ard..

is sell handbag and sikit wallet de~~ yoohoo~~ the brand is "SMART".. (coz i m clever xian)

i will start working for around 16 days 1st at LOT 10.. then most probably will change to amp point..


there is a fair on 5-20jan at 4F in ISETAN..

i think hor, my company de brand de handbags are my taste.. simple and nice.. hehe..

others de ok ok oni sum are colourful..  (diff ppl diff taste~~ hoho)


my job is serve the costumer when they are looking at our bagss..

and take a new handbag for them and write receipt.. and bring them to the cashier..


it's very boring if there is no costumer .. (u noe larr.. LOT 10.. not like KLCC .. everyday oso have many ppl).. juz chit chat or juz "jogging" myself around my counter.. sienz dao~


i like it when the costumer buy my bags continuously... hoho~~ (can meh? )

if too many at the same time, me sure will pengsan de.. have to find bag, write receipt..  haiz..


got 1 funny thing is , 1 jap gong gong said to me in japanese..omg!

then i tried my very best to understand wat he want to say to me by using my intelligent brain.. lol~~

I'm clever chubby xian mah~~ haha..


some mat saleh very friendly and nice .. and oso african.. (good good)..


there is 1 mistake happened..

hard to explain here.. u guys can ask me next time if see dao me.. haha.. (hope i m still rmb ..)

have to say wat leh.. hmm.. duno .. dats all larr.. lol..


ah! my yss didi passed the driving exam ytd~~ hooray~ ^^

today me sakit perut so went to oh boo boo in the staff toilet.. haiz.. (moubin.. it's accident.. )..










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  • huai
  • 哈哈~~没想到你是去卖HANDBAG了~~

    最想不到的是 你竟然也把你的OH BOO BOO也写了出来
    还有 你也还真的很爱大便的呢~~

    话说我们两个三月就可以甩掉P牌 可是都不会驾驶了 唉~~

    最后 做工加油了
    如果换去AMPANG POINT 对你来说也比较方便~~
  • blek.. 刚巧肚子痛嘛.. haha..
    en lor.. 我只是驾过2 次而已.. 而且还不是全程驾到尾... hoho

    xianshine2 於 2010/01/28 12:48 回覆

  • cyy
  • 噢噢 你现在在isetan里工作啊?
    有时间的话去偶遇U一下 反正我有时会经过那一带

    日本老伯 TAT 要是我在的话就好了...可以练练我的破烂日文
  • haha.. 很开心你来看我.... ^o^..
    maybe u can communicate wif them.. u so geng..

    xianshine2 於 2010/01/28 12:50 回覆

  • ocm
  • 你竟然跑去买包包了,真的出乎我意料之外~

  • haha.. my taste not bad mah~~ hoho..
    not high.. its the lowest salary that i ever had b4.. RM4.50 per hour + elaun + komisen.. better than jobless right? haha

    xianshine2 於 2010/01/28 12:53 回覆

  • june
  • 终于找到工作啦~

    oh boo boo 这些不雅的词不要写出来啦~
  • sure very 可靠啦.. lol.. i will recommend diff beg to diff ppl de..

    no no no .. "oh boo boo" dis word so cute leh.. lol

    xianshine2 於 2010/01/28 12:54 回覆