CLEVER + HANDSOME..EST XIAN update her half-dead bloggie~~~ lol..

aiyoo.. coz last time i was busy working.. sumore i m lazy..

BUT I m very very very hardworking reading u guys' blog de~ yo~


1ST : 18 MAC 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again to mun mun.. ^o^

sadly, i have to go for my work b4 the singing k session end. huhu~

the cake we bought reli very nice! ^^.. normally i will feel very zei de if eat normal sponge cake.. hoho..

but dis time i m the one who finished it 1st.. yeah~ yummy~

ps:ocm n  huai gu, 2moro rite? haha..





JLYM 4ever!


2nd: 2 MAC 2010


spot the drink.. not my yss didi n his fren. derek.. haha.

i luv red bean drink, ice cream.. hehe.. NICE!



tell u 1 thing..

the sauce reli very yummy leh!! haha

But the chicken chop very bian lor..


3rd : 7 mac 2010

went for a night movie at ts.. my didi's fren (derek) fetch.

we watched PERCY JACKSON - the lightning thief..

for me, very nice.. haha.



4th : duno when .. at KFC

i like dis pic.. since my pc is lag dat time, so i oni managed to save dis pic.. haha.. the only one..will curi di huai gu de blog when i m free larr.. haha.




5th: During CNY..

i joined them after my work. they ajak my didi oso .. then mai bring him go there.

we gambled.. played blackjack, in between. i won RM 20 dat day.. haha..

won again RM 10 at my house.. coz got 1 day we had our form 6 gang's gathering. we had our dinner at gasoline at hulu langat there.. then we fel like wanna gamble .. then then then.. they go to my house except c n cheng mun..

we played till 12.30am sumthing..  1st time my fren visit my house during cny.. (WE FORGET TO TAKE ANY PICS DAT DAY..).. haha




6th : 27 mac 2010

today is the majlis kecemerlangan . go wif my parent.

last few days, i oni realised dat oni those who get 3A in stpm can attend oni.. i tot 5 ppl.

so oni me n cheng mun attend. sue nee got work so absent.

our yam cha plan oso canceled due to sum reason. sori ya.. T_T




omg!!! i smile so weird.. haiz..



i wear a little bit high heel .. dats y i look taller.. haha.

she is my makroekonomi teacher. i paling suka dia coz she look cute.. haha..



wi wit~~ RM100 leh!!dis yr special sikit.. money increased from RM60 to RM 100.. sumore got medal wor.. wow~~

can use dat RM100 2moro ler~~ ^^..



 found it on the board outside our dewan.. can spot me? the shortest (same height wif lut nee nee).. i was wearing our cempaka class shirt.. hoho.. lucky shirt.



i think i m very geng again.. can compress many events in 1 post agn.. haha.. call me clever xian~ (no lut xian anymore ).. lolxx..





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  • huai
  • 哈哈~

    还不错~下次别这么懒惰了~ >.<


    2nd: 2 MAC 2010>>>>这个餐厅的地点在哪里?

    看起来好好吃~ ^^

    好漂亮~ >.< 嘿嘿~
    那天是2009年的最后一天啦~ BAKA LUT XIANGU~

    U MEMANG名副其实的赌姑~
    这个新年我完全没赌钱呢~ >.<

    最后~ 恭喜你啊~~BEST STUDENT~我们的骄傲~ ^^
    GET RM100 leh~

  • xianshine2
  • to lut huai gu.

    haha.. yaya.. finally.. coz wanna wait for many things happen.. then post it all in one mah~

    nvm.. 2moro we got 2nd round mah~ haha..

    omg!!!!!!! lut huai gu... u reli very lut lor~~~~ dat restaurant u went b4 de arr.. omg!! omg!! omg!!! its wong kokpavilion 6th floor.. went wif suet mei ta men de after the primary gathering.. haiz.. lut dao~~~ lolxx..

    got sum pic i look very fat.. haha.. but still nice.. hoho..

    haha.. i play small small de.. RM0.50 per round.. yeah~ once in a year oni got gamble.. haha.

    2moro i belanja makan ice cream larr.. ^^
  • cyy
  • 嗯 证明我看完了~~~所以来留个言~~~~
    congrate for the best student award~~~~

  • xian
  • to lut ying ying..

    since i m lazy to sign in my ac in IE.. so i juz reply u here as a non-owner.. haha..
    haha.. me, sue nee and cheng mun are best student..not oni me.. coz we all oso get 3A.. lol..
    hope u enjoy ur trip.. ^^
  • ocm
  • woo,this post is really the mixture of many events happened before!

    but ur memory is so good to rmb all the dates of the outings,good good~

    Congratulation to u for the achievement u obtained!

    and lastly,thank for your treat for the bubble tea today,haha!
  • june
  • wa.. so geng.. 6 events in 1 post...

    congratz for getting the best student!!!

    u belanja ocm n huai, remember to belanja cyy n me too~ (but i will remember for you de..)

  • xianshine2
  • TO OCM:
    no no no.. my pic got show the date de.. dats y i still rmb it.. haha..
    thx n welcum.. hehe..

    TO JUNE:
    of coz lar~ coz i m clever + handsome..est xian.
    no problem.. i oso decided to treat u n cyy de.. lol.