working for SMART in maluri jusco from 29 mac till 11 april..

As i expected, working there very sien! so everyday i work from 10am till 6pm.. although the working hours seems so SHORT but is LONG  for me instead !!! huhu~~ 

summore we have to "bulatkan" our tied hair.. macam sgt sopan punya.. =.=" white top sumore. =.="""

if u guys got pass by there, muz cum in and visit me ya.. juz near the BLACK CANYON restaurant.. lolx..

but i will off on 4 and 5 april coz ching ming festival.. i minta these 2 daYS off few days ago..

But then my ah ba say 5 april no ching ming ler .. change to 4 april ler.. but my mom say we din go my ah ba's side lerr.. coz 4 april , we have to go to my mother's side de..

dun wan tell me boss dat i will free on 5 april.. haha.. dats mean i m free on 5 april~~~ yeah..


btw the yue guang bao he reli very fei lor.. zadao tim~~~ ge and jing tang.jpg they look a little bit alike? ying ying think oni the eyes look alike..

the lut huai gu tot he is him at 1st.. lolx.

dat is my didi's fren lai de.. got went yam cha wif him b4.. i think he is the most leng zai one among my didi's gang.. lolx.. but i m not interested at him.. don get misunderstand.lolxx


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  • huai1206
  • haha~ 5th i am not free~
    if not can go watch movie wif u~ i also wanna watch leh~

    haha~ quite look like de lo~
    wakaka~ not bad not bad~

    if u sienz, then u can think of my round face, then u will not feel sienz jor~
    i seldom go jusco there de o~ haiz~
  • 2moro (5 april) got pegi rawang for ching ming ler.. huhu~
    lolx.. urs one not round anymore lorr.. is me round oni.. so sad.. lolxx..
    i duno i can watch dao those movie anot.. huhu

    xianshine2 於 2010/04/04 14:51 回覆

  • june
  • my sis and bro go to watch clash of titans today... i can't follow coz got driving lesson... huhu...

    they look alike but i think is the eye and mouth only lo... hu ge's nose nicer...
  • my bro oso watched it liao.. when is ur driving exam?
    haha.. yaya.. hu ge's nose nicer..

    xianshine2 於 2010/04/04 14:52 回覆

  • cyy
  • the clash of titans not nice la
    i watched it ytd night...
    dun waste money watch that==
    u go watch ALICE la
  • oo. then i don watch it ler.. lolx.
    but i duno i got chance to watch alice anot.. huhu.. working everyday.. lolx.
    today watched beauty on duty.. damm nice!! quite bu se de when the movie is end. huhu~ 1st time have such feeling.

    xianshine2 於 2010/04/05 20:13 回覆

  • ocm
  • this is the boy u mentioned last time,
    he does look alike to hu ge, like 60%?

    I have no chance to go there and visit u tis time,
    wish u good luck in your working!
  • yaya... y not 80% de? lolx..
    nvm... haha.. i dun have luck in my working.. lolx.. so boring working there.. no business..

    xianshine2 於 2010/04/07 19:29 回覆