Watched "beauty on duty" wif my mum n didi at leisure mall..

this movie very nice leh!!! sangat funny!!! n fei oso..

nice nice nice!!!u guys muz watch it!! haha..





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  • huai
  • 故事内容讲什么的?
    都没介绍~~ 哈哈~ 懒到~~
  • blek.. u go watch urself mah.. reli very funny punya de.. haha

    xianshine2 於 2010/04/07 19:26 回覆

  • ocm
  • Got Ah Sa in tat movie,right?
    I saw its advertisement in astro before,seems like not bad.
    and i also feel like watching it,but i think no one is going to accompany me,sad case!
    so, just wait someone to upload it to pps ba!
  • reli very funny.. can share after u watch.. haha

    xianshine2 於 2010/04/07 19:26 回覆

  • june
  • got many big cast in this film...
    but normally i dont watch this comedy movie in cinema..
    maybe waiting for dvd... haha...
  • haha.. original or pirated punya de? haha..

    xianshine2 於 2010/04/07 19:27 回覆