huhu~~ will start my work on 23rd april. most probably at lot 10 4th floor.. less incum for dis month.. huhu~


Below is the pics of the surprise bday "party" give by my didi's fren.

(juz ignore the yssness of my house.. many books on the floor.. haha)!/album.php?aid=157616&id=744066126&ref=nf






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  • cyy
  • you back to lot 10 again ah lolx...
    congrate lo....
    if got time i might go glance u la...hahahaha
  • haha.. either shopalot or lot 10. but i prefer shopalot. there so song de.. haha

    xianshine2 於 2010/04/15 23:28 回覆

  • huai1206
  • haha~ song lar got holiday~
    i also wan holiday~ haiz~ tired working~
  • but no incum.. huhu.. T_T

    xianshine2 於 2010/04/15 23:28 回覆

  • jlkmjune
  • why always change place de?
    at least got work la...
    if not no income, cham also...