sori to my dear dear fren.. for disappear for so many days.

and sadly, i cant even join lut nong nong's bday.. =.="

And dont have chance to chat wif u guys when u guys visit me@ shopalot there.feel so sorry.

btw thx for the bday cake.. its yummy!!!!! feel touching.. i tot it was doughnut.. haha.


23 april- 30 april.

i have been working for 8 days FULL SHIFT at lot 10 isetan there. from 9.30am to 9.30pm.

oni me jaga the counter at Ground floor since we are lack of workers coz there i few handbags fairs held at other places.

at 1st , feel quite lonely. but then got ppl to chat wif. either chinese or malay.


its so sien working at isetan . coz we nid to put our hands in front. muz greet wif the customer : good morning n etc.

there is a morning briefing at 9.45am everyday.

and here is the 7 phrases i learnt there:

1) good morning.

2) may i help you

3) pls wait for a moment

4) sorry to keep u waiting

5) do u have isetan member card

6) my name is xxx . from xxx counter

7) thx you. pls cum again.

=.= =.= =.=  =.=


luckily i oni work there for 8 days. if not i will die de.. lolx.

now i back to shopalot. noon shift. yeah. no nid to wake up so early. hehe..

saw a cute cute de philipine baby.. she is sooooo cute n fair !! reli.. i think she is the cute..est baby i have ever seen.. haha.

saw many diff types de customer and i ard get used to it.. haha..

maybe i got continue my dis job till end of june. most probably larr.. sumtime enjoy wif dis joy.. but sumtime get bored wif it when i nid to jaga the counter alone. haha









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  • huai
  • 哈哈~~~ 8天都是FULL 的~

    这样很好~ 不像我,过一天算一天~ 每天都在得过且过~都在算着日子~

    我应该也是会做到六月尾 做到大学开学为止~

    LCN还有OCM的生日聚会我都没能参与 T.T

    LUT XIAN, 你以后别失踪那么久了~
  • haha.. i oso pei fu myself.
    if got ppl to chat with then i won mind de.. haha.i hate being alone.
    haha.. then i wanna hilang again .. so u guys wil miss me sooo muchie.. haha.. no larr.. XD

    xianshine2 於 2010/05/10 01:36 回覆

  • cyy
  • 连续8天都工作12小时 =____=
    换作是我....U们准备送帛金吧 orz

    难得U能享受这份工作 不容易啊...
    真好 因为我不可能做得到 啊哈哈==

    其实我昨天和今天都有去bukit bintang
  • haha.. fan zheng i lazy to find another job then mai continue do lor. haha
    yer.. kick dis lut ying ying.. mls. blek~~

    xianshine2 於 2010/05/10 01:37 回覆

  • jlkmjune
  • wah.. work for 12 hours ar...
    so geng...

    if i stand for whole day mesti die...
    enjoy ur work la...