since huai gu ard posted abt the pc fair outgoing in detailed.. so.. lazy xian is not going to post abt it agn. lolx.

But i will post 1 pic of 3 of us coz i got leong sam.. haha.





1 day b4 our hang out to klcc pc fair. i had a date wif aunty eon bank (yeoun ping) and lili.

we teman yp buy things. then makan at "you yi chun"(in canto). i prefer wong kok. (i m wong kok restaurant supporter especially pavilion dat one. XD).


lili n me.




aunty eon bank n me. peace. ^^



20 april 2010.

me n my ah ba went to his office punya de dewan to attend the majlis anugerah. yeah.

surprisingly, i met 1 junior of ARGS

de (Lew Huey Wern).. our name amost sounds the same. last time, we din talk or even say hi to each other de when we were in the same school. but dat day we did chat n even take pictures 2gether. luckily i din bring my lut cam cam. can tumpang her cam.

so, all the pics below are stolen from her fb. XD



The invitation card. can spot the police logo? wee~~ PDRM. (polis diraja malaysia).

yuan lai my ah ba is work for PDRM de. baru knew it ytd. =.="








the little crowd. haha.


this is my 1st time of attending my ah ba de majlis anugerah . my ah ba punya de is recently baru ada de. so this year i baru ada chance. haha.

It taken me by surprise that (hoho. i still rmd wat mrs margaret taught) the majlis ended so fast.

the duno who (paling tinggi de pangkat) gave a speech then the majlis penyampaian hadiah get started.

around 35 so called anak-anak cemerlang oni. requirement to get this anugerah for stpm is quite high which is 3.60. huhu~

fortunately , i can get it!! yeah! (oni 3 anak cemerlang for stpm)

2 are 3.83. 1 (me) is 3.75. n i m the last one to receive the "gift".



she is tall. huhu. she is sweet n pretty as well.. XD

she get 9As 1B in SPM. clever clever.. *claps




omg! my eyes!! wat happen??? lol.




huey wern n hui xian.




this nice.. ^^




our rewards. x sabar nak buka. hoho.




my name on the envelope on the gift. haha.



faster buka the gift in the car. haha.

its a FABER CASTEL colour set (got crayon n colour pencil n etc.).. like it.

feel like wanna use it now. haha. i wanna buy a colouring book!!!!


inside the wrapping paper oni got that faber castel. no money. huhu. quite disapointed!! T_T.

then my ah ba asked me how much . i said no money wor. he said got de.. c  the envelope got anot.

then i faster buka it. wow!! reli got money wor!!

i tot dun have money .. coz the ppl who gave the speech said "Diharap hadiah kita yang tidak berapa ini dapat memotivasikan anak-anak....".  <<<  the sentence misunderstand me mah.. haha.

u guys guess how much.

Its RM 300!! wow!! yeah!! hooray!! yippee~~

not yet belanja lut ying ying n lut june june ..


duno my mum's company give how much leh.. qi ^o^


ytd i went to a hair saloon for a hair cut. juz a little bit oni.

which juz potong sikit sikit rambut depan. n sikit sikit untuk belakang juga. haha. no much diff de. haha.

quite satisfied wif it. XD


to lut ying ying: i will start work at shopalot for 1 day (22 april).. cum visit me lar if can.. haha.








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